PR, communications, and digital marketing strategies often seem complicated or mired in secrecy, especially for people without access to major cash.  The work I do is very simple when you get down to the heart of it, which is why I’m available for the following services either sliding scale or totally free. 
Sliding Scale:  
— Develop a tiered marketing plan for your small business, nonprofit organization, or personal brand
— Make a meticulous PR plan for your event or project
— Design a website to host your portfolio or general awesomeness
— Build a strong, compelling email newsletter plan with built in evaluation
— Create an effective social media plan that will stand out, actually help you achieve your goals, and not take up hours of time
— Edit your articles or opinion pieces, cover letter, resume, science fiction novel, or OkCupid profile
*For Free*:
—  How to maximize your social media skills, and the simple tricks no one knows that actually make a huge difference (example: be this chicken.)
—  Why social media, marketing, and PR matters, even for small projects, and to help dissolve the impostor syndrome that comes with putting yourself and your work out there
—  Build a press plan/press release/pitch reporters for a one time action or event
—  Info on how to pitch and build your reputation as a freelance writer
—  Metrics?  Wha?  How?  Which numbers are actually helpful for you to keep track of, and why
Get in touch with me here.

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