Sex Workers Exhibit Art, Fight Stigma,” Chicago Reader, March 2015

Why the Politics of Kink Matter to Queers,” Unicorn Booty, February 2015

Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Familia TQLM,” Feministing, January 2015

Imagining a World After Capitalism in Detroit,” In These Times, December 2014

Project FIERCE Sets Out to Open a Shelter for LGBTQ Youth,” Chicago Reader, November 2014

A Chicago Startup is Tackling Trans Umemployment,” Chicago Reader, November 2014

Unemployed Person,” Working In These Times, August 2014

Organizer: ONE DC,” Working In These Times, August 2014

Pride Without Pride: Power in Shared Spaces,” Youngist, July 2014

Beyond Birth Control,”  RH Reality Check, July 2014

The Fanciest Genderqueer You’ll Ever Meet,” The Toast, June 2014.

Contracting Dystopia: The Freelance Economy and You,” Medium.  May 2014.

The Revolution Will Not Be Boring,” Youngist, May 2014.

The Largest LGBT Donors are Drones Manufacturers,” PolicyMic, May 2013.


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